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New Zealand Coastal Shipwrecks

The following list is some of the known shipwrecks around New Zealand's coastline. For reference to the many other shipwrecks that dot the shores of New Zealand, refer to the relevant maritime coastal charts in your area or obtain a copy of C. W. N. Ingram's "New Zealand Shipwrecks" (Reed), or Peter Rippon's "New Zealand Diver's Handbook" (Reed, 198l).

98% of these are accidental shipwrecks and have shown that once on the seafloor, little movement, apart from structural collapse due to dissolving over many years under the sea, has occurred. All of them, or what remains of them, are living reefs. A major proportion of these shipwrecks are subject to ocean swell, similar to conditions experienced around the Cook Strait. Some are well over 100 years old.

See map for reference.

1Elingamite, Three Kings Islands
2HMS Osprey, Brig, 1846. 29km N. of Hokianga.
3Boyd, Wood, 1809. SW end of island off Whangaroa wharf.
4Rainbow Warrior, Cavalli Islands. Former Greenpeace vessel sunk by the French.
5L'Alcmene, French corvette, 1851. Bayleys Gorge between Hokianga and Kaipara Harbour.
6aHMNZS Tui, Tutukaka. Ex Naval research vessel scuttled as a dive wreck: Feb. 1999.
6bHMNZS Waikato, Tutukaka. Ex Naval frigate scuttled as a dive wreck Nov. 2000.
7Awarua, Iron paddle steamer, 1907. Fanny Kelly Reef, 0cean Beach, Whangarei.
8HMS 0rpheus, Steam corvette , 1863 Manukau bar.
9Royal Tar, Wood, 1901. Shearer Rock, Hauraki Gulf.
10Herald, Scow, l928 Flat Rock, Kawau Island.
10RMS Niagara, Hauraki Gulf. Luxury liner.
11Osprey, Schooner, 1864. and Miranda cutter, I877.Blind Bay, Great Barrier Island.
12Wairarapa Steel screw steamer, 1894. E. side Miners Head, Great Barrier Island.
13Wiltshire, Steel screw steamer, 1922 N. of Rosalie Bay, Great Barrier Island. Bow peak.
14Thomas Bryan, Steel screw steamer, 1928. Near Port Charles, Coromandel Peninsula.
15HMS Buffalo, 1840. Buffalo Beach, W Coromandel Peninsula.
16Manaia Steel screw steamer, 1926 Slipper Island.
17Taranaki, Iron steamer, 1878. N. side Karewa lsland.
18Taioma. Scuttled March 2000, SE of Motiti Island. Tug built in 1944.
19Port Elliott Steel steamer, 1924. Horoera Point, NW off east Cape.
20Star of Canada, Steel screw steamer, 1912. Kaiti Beach, Gisborne.
21Site of Tasmania and Rothschild jewels.
22Tongariro, Steel steamer, 1916. Bull Rocks, Mahia Peninsula.
23Alexander Newton, Wood, 1894. Portland Island, Mahia Peninsula.
24Alexandra, Iron steamer, 1865. 0ff White Cliffs, S. of Pukearuhe Reef, New Plymouth.
25Tasmanian Maid, Iron steamer, l868. 180 metres offshore from Tasman Hotel, New Plymouth.
26Lord Worsley, Steamer, l862. 0ff 0punake.
27Woollahra, Iron barque, l907. N. of Karori Rock lighthouse, Wellington.
28Penguin, Iron steamer, 1909. Near Thoms Rock, Cape Terawhiti, Wellington.
29Nambucca Wooden steamer, 1905. W. of Sinclair Head. Wellington.
30Wellington, Cyrus, wooden sailing ship, 1874 and Progress, iron steamer, 193l. 0whiro Bay, Wellington.
30aYeung Penn. Steel Japanese Trawler, 12th Dec, 1982, 0whiro Bay, Wellington.
30b HMNZS Wellington, Leander Class Frigate, 13th Nov 2005. Island Bay, Wellington.
31San Bartolo, Trawler l965. 0ff Pinnacles, Fort Dorset, Wellington.
32Tui, Iron steamer, l866 N. Barretts Reef, Wellington.
33Earl of Southesk, Wooden barque, 1874. S. end Barrett's Reef, Wellington.
34HMNZS South Sea Steel minesweeper 1942 Main shipping lane, Wellington.
35Devon, Steel steamer, 1913 180m N. of Pencarrow Head, Wellington.
36Zuleika, Iron ship, 1897. E. side Palliser Bay, near Wellington.
37Ben Avon, Steel barque, l903. W 180m W. of Cape Palliser Lighthouse.
37Lastingham, Iron ship, 1884. W. side Cape Jackson, Marlborough Sounds.
38Mikhail Lermontov, 1986. Luxury passenger liner.
39Rangitoto, Iron steamer, 1873. E, side of Cape Jackson, Marlborough
40Gazelle, Iron barque, 1894. Between Okuri Bay and Waikawa Bay in the Marlborough Sounds.
41Southminster, Wood, 1878  Cape Campbell, South lsland East coast.
42Kaiwarra, Steel steamer, 1942 N. of Motunau Lighthouse, North Canterbury.
43Holmbank, Steel motor vessel, 1963 Peraki Bay, Banks Peninsula.
44Elginshire, Steel steamer, 1892 Timaru.
45Ahuriri, Iron steamer, 1871. S. of Danger Reef, Otago.
46Tyrone, Steel steamer, 1913 Wahine Point, Otago.
47Tararua Iron steamer, 1881. Waipapa Point, N. of Bluff, Southland.
48Waikouaiti, Steel steamer, 1942, W. end Dog Island, Bluff.
49Endeavour, Wood, 1795. Dusky Sound. New Zealand's oldest wreck.
50Waikare, Steel screw steamer, 1910. Between Indian lsland and Passage Inlet, Dusky Sound.



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